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Hi this time I am doing a blog about science. We learn about light and how it travels. I am going to do a blog about sound soon, but for now it is light. Did you know that if you are driving on a hot, hot day in summer you can  see a spot on the road in front of you and it looks wet. Now you might think  that it rained last night and there’s nothing to worry about, but when you come close it decappers!

What you have seen is a mirage. A mirage appears because air is not always nice to light; sometimes when light hits warm air close to the ground it makes it bend. A mirage can make us see things that are not there. When you see light bend it makes us see something  that isn’t there. You know something cool, a mirage can happen anywhere from  the Desert to the Arctic Ocean!

 This is a video that is about light. This one too.


 I think that the experiments about light are going very well.

I think that that it is very fun.



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