My Natural Phenomenon Project

For the last 2 weeks, the grade 5 class has been working on creating a structure that can withstand a natural phenomenon of any type. The structure could be a […]

Hi again, you probably guessed by the title that I’m doing a post about space debris if you didn’t know, I am. Well, the actual name for the project is […]

Wonder Choice Board

For the past month or two, we have been reading Wonder. We finished a week ago and I really liked the book (so did my family)! After we finished, we […]

What is polluting the earth and causing so many people trouble? Well if you guessed plastic you are right. One way to help this problem is to use my design. […]

  Did you know that there is a beautiful beach destination right on your doorstep?  With its rugged bedrock and white pine forests Georgian Bay is a simply splendid place […]

NT and TTYS's Newspaper

Hi, everyone reporting back to you from our houses NT and TTYS! Today we will talk about when עשו sold his birthright to יעקב for a bowl of soup. So […]