Georgain Bay


Did you know that there is a beautiful beach destination right on your doorstep?  With its rugged bedrock and white pine forests Georgian Bay is a simply splendid place to visit and you know you don’t have to leave Canada! Hi I’m Noa Tili and today I’m informing you about Georgian Bay. I will be talking about the history of Georgian Bay, the legend of how Georgian Bay’s many islands were created, my experiences and why it’s a good place to visit. 


 History of Georgian Bay 

Did you ever wonder how Georgian Bay got its name? Well I’ll answer that question. Georgian Bay was named after King George the fourth. 

Aboriginal people lived in the area 11,000 years ago! The first European was thought to be Étienne Brûlé in 1610. He was an interpreter trainee. 5 years later Samuel de Champlain visited Georgian Bay. He was one of the people who founded Canada. 

Over the years lighthouses were built and they were usually limestone. More recently Georgian Bay was used for shipping cargo, and that’s how lighthouses came in use.


 The Legend of Kitchikewana


Who doesn’t love a good legend?! Well, settle in because this is a great one! It all starts with a g-d called Kitchikewana, who is as big as Georgian Bay. He was well known for his great temper. His tribe thought that his temper would only be settled with a wife. So they held a grand celebration and many people came. 


Kitchikewana met a woman named Wanakita. He thought that she could be his wife and he started to plan his wedding immediately after she left. He invited her back the next day, but Wanakita told him that she was already married. Enraged, he destroyed all of the decorations and grabbing a ball of earth threw it into the great lakes. And so the 30,00 islands were created.


My experience and why it’s a good place to visit


After that, I imagine you are all scrambling to pack up your cars and get to Georgain Bay. But wait, there’s more! Let me share with you my personal experience of a place I have called my home away from home. I am going to start with what I like about Georgian Bay. 

First, swimming. I always have an hour swim or more in Georgian Bay. (if it’s warm enough….) because in June Georgian Bay’s waters are not warm! 


And then there’s boat rides. You can go so far out it feels like you’re in the ocean. I did that once with my sister and my grandparents and it was fun! You can also go to an island and have a picnic there. (I also did that.) Or just go fishing. (I didn’t do that, but my dad did.) 




In conclusion, I have told you a lot about Georgian Bay. I hope that you can visit it some time, and if you can, check if you can go swimming, because I know you will like it a lot. I have had a great time there even if it’s cold, foggy or rainy. I think it’s a really good place to stay. I hope you enjoyed this speech about Georgian Bay as much as I did, and that it informed you of something as well as me trying to persuade you to go there. 


Thanks for listening!

 The End


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