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Hi, everyone reporting back to you from our houses NT and TTYS! Today we will talk about when עשו sold his birthright to יעקב for a bowl of soup. So let’s get started! 

The Story begins when they were in רבקה’s tummy. She knew they were going to be שני עמים שונים‎ because they were always דחפו זה את זה‎ in her tummy. She also knew this because one of them was חלק and the other was אלוקים .שעיר spoke to her and said they would come שני עמים שונים‎. When they grew up אלוקים hunch was right, they were two different people and soon to be שני עמים שונים‎. 

One day עשו came home from ציד and he was really hungry. His brother יעקב cooked a really nice נזיד just before עשו came home.  He asked for the נזיד and said he was super hungry. יעקב said he would give him the נזיד if he sold him his ברכת הבכורה, So עשו thought about that for a bit and he said okay I’m going to למות anyway give me the נזיד and I will give you my ברכת הבכורה. 





That’s it for today from NT and TTYS’s newspaper bye!

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