Rocks and Minerals Excavating cookies experiment!

Hi, I’m Noa Tili and we did an experiment on rocks and minerals! Instead of the rocks or minerals we used cookies. We were great cookiealogist. Cookies

How we did it was we each got 2 cookies and 2 toothpicks. Our task was to take out the chocolate chips only with our toothpicks no hands! (well we could hold the cookies but nothing else.) My prediction was that I would find 7 chocolate chips on the top and 8 on the bottom. I was wrong. It was 4 chocolate chips on the top and 7 on the bottom. This is what my cookies looked before I started diging:

If you are wondering “What on earth is a cookiealogist?” I will answer you. A cookiealogist is a geologist that woks on cookies. A geologist is a person that can help us in understanding the earth. You can have several jobs to be a geologist, and they are discovering fossils, exploring volcanos trying to figure out when they are going to erupt, going in the ocean floor and helping people build tunnels.

Thanks for listing!

The End

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