Innovation Day – Pulley Project

What pulley system is my pulley?


I think that I will need a fixed pulley system. A fixed pulley is a pulley that does not move. 

This is un example of one:

gray steel frame

How it works.

When I pull down the load goes up.


What it looks like.

This is my design.

My Hypothesis


I think that the elevator will go up when I twist the dowel. I will use a box and the box will be the main thing. The cardboard I will use, will not be attached to the box so it can move. The dowel will have a string attached to it and when I twist the dowel the string will move, so if the string moves the seat will move because the string is attached to the seat.


What I needed to make the elevator


To make the elevator I needed:


  • A cardboard box
  • A dowel
  • Some string
  • A bit of cardboard
  • Paint¬†




  1. I gathered my materials.
  2. I took my box and cut off the sides.
  3. I glued two dowels together and stuck them into the box.
  4. I used the side of the box to make a seat to be the elevator.
  5. I taped the seat to a piece of string and the string to the seat.
  6. Next I glued the base together and glued the box to the base.
  7. I took another piece of cardboard for the barn and bent it in half.
  8. Then I did the same for another piece.
  9. I hot glued that together.
  10. Then I glued a roof to the barn.
  11. Last I painted is all.


My Conclusion


My hypothesis was right. Why? It moved up when I moved the dowels.

This is a video and a picture.

The end!

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