Tales of a Grade 4 Nothing (so far).

 Summarization Tales of a Grade 4 Nothing (so far).


Hi I’m Noa Tili and I am summarizing Tales of a Grade 4 Nothing (so far).




Peter won dribble at Jimmy Faro’s house. He got a turtle because he guessed that there were 348 jelly beans in the jar. There were really 423 jelly beans, but his gess was closest so he won. 


He went home and his mother was not happy about the new turtle. That night Peter’s brother Fudge wouldn’t eat his diner. He was pretending to be a dog. Finally Peter’s father got mad. 


A few nights later 2 people that Peter’s father works with came over and they gave Peter a book that he already had and Fudge a new train set.


Then they went to the park the next day and Sheila was there too.


 Then Fudge thinks of doing something crazy. He thinks that he is a bird, so he goes on top of the play structure and jumps off it! He falls with a kboom! 


Even worse, two of his front teeth come out and he is very bloody!


Fudge is crying a lot. Jimmy goes to get Peter’s mother but meets her halfway there. Peter’s mother is very mad at Peter. They go home and Peter goes to his room. His mother comes and tells him she is sorry. 




  • Fudge – He is Peter’s brother and he does crazy things.
  • Peter – He is a sensible boy and he almost always does the right thing.
  • Sheila – Cares a lot about the cuties and is not very pretty.
  • Peter’s mother – She is a mother who cares a lot about not having animals in the house. (in particular reptiles)
  • Peter’s father –  He works at a company called The Juicy-O Company.
  • Jimmy – He is a good friend of Peter’s and very kind most of the time….


My Opinion


I think that the story is quite interesting but silly. The interesting part is that there are a lot of facts about the characters. The silly part of the story is that I don’t think you can have a turtle that is so small it can fit in your hand. Also you could get sick if you eat a flower or a flower petal. 


What I think will happen next in the story and why. 


I think that Peter will become friends with Sheila and maybe Jimmy too. Also I think Peter’s family will get a real dog. Almost all stories have a advencher so I think that they will go on an adventure too. There are a lot of characters in the story already, but I think there will be a few more.


What star rating would I give it, and would I recommend it. Why?


I think that I would give it 3 stars. I think I would give it 3 stars because it is a book that to me does not make sense all the time. I think that I would recommend it if you like a book that has a lot of silliness or maybe sum action. 


What age group would I think the book is for and why.


I think that the age group is about Grade 3, almost Grade 4. I think this is a good book for Grade 3, almost Grade 4 because it has a lot of silliness. Maybe Grade 3 you should do popcorn reading with the class. Grade 3, I think you would love this book and you should really read it! 


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